Product development and procurement

  • Development of electronic, IoT, electromechanical and mechanical products.
  • Deep knowledge of the fundamental materials for the realization of durable products for complex applications and harsh environment, such as marine ones for example.
  • Extensive experience of the logic of construction and installation on boats and vehicles, fundamental to set up an optimal design.
  • Worldwide network of specialized and qualified suppliers for complex applications, hardware (plastic polymers, stainless steel or aluminium castings, electronic boards, electronic or electromechanical sensors) and IoT software.

LHEVO is able to support and assist you in the development of all types of products: from mechanical plastic accessories to 5G Internet reception and remote monitoring systems.

From the design from scratch of any type of product (mechanical, electrical, electronic and IoT) with the unique requirements needed and the choice of materials, to the installation process. This in-depth knowledge of product development and installation logic allows us to greatly speed up the supply chain, ensuring that products are accepted by manufacturers and do not pose a problem or slow down during production.

Thanks to a worldwide network of suppliers and direct supply sources (stainless steel, fiberglass, electronics, IoT hardware and software, etc..) LHEVO is able to guarantee top quality materials and fast turnaround times, thanks to its twenty years of experience in procurement and production outsourcing.