Facilitated finance

Facilitated finance for companies to turn critical issues into opportunities

With the facilitated finance service, LHEVO works alongside companies and entrepreneurs to help them obtain the essential public grants and subsidised loans to ensure sustainable growth and protect margins and profit, especially in these times of rapid and often unpredictable market evolution, that requires great reactivity in turning a critical issue into a great opportunity. 

With an extremely concrete approach based on over twenty years of on-field experience, and thanks to the application of our LHEVO© Formula, we drive companies through the realization of their projects, in order to relaunch and develop their business and to have a reactive and proactive restart. 

Always up to date with LHEVO BA MANAGER©

Thanks to our proprietary app “LHEVO BA MANAGER©” entrepreneurs and companies will have real-time access to all the available ad upcoming opportunities for calls and funding in a single Web platform – iOS – Android, specifically selected for their business field. 

Within the Facilitated Finance service, LHEVO provides entrepreneurs and companies with a team of certified and specialized consultants (LHEVO PRO EXPERT©) that will drive you through every step, from the identification of the call and  presentation of the project to the obtaining of the grant. 

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