Sales strategies

We support companies and entrepreneurs in improving sales strategies and increasing turnover

With concrete and specialized consulting interventions in the field of sales strategies development and commercial management, we support the company and its entrepreneurs in the improvement of sales and revenue.

The LHEVO team has over twenty years of experience on Italian and international markets, and its intervention is crucial for companies that have solid technical knowledge but poor commercial organization,and therefore experience frequent difficulties because of the lack of satisfying sales results due to a low percentage of confirmed quotes and successful negotiations.

Sales strategies to increase your turnover and margins

The goal of LHEVO is to support entrepreneurs and their sales team in developing a proper commercial activities management, able to produce the maximum result in terms of turnover and profitability, starting from existing resources.

The LHEVO team intervention starts with the redefinition of a sales strategy and the setup of a detailed commercial budget, and goes up to the implementation of tools and apps for a detailed data analysis and constant results monitoring, with the aim of increasing turnover and margins.

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