Custom Software

We develop custom software for your company!

LHEVO is a Software House that helps companies create their custom software to increase the performance of all business processes.

We develop tailor-made software, becoming partners to our customers, not just suppliers.

LHEVO specializes in developing Industry 4.0-compliant apps and software.

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Why create a custom software?

If your company is in its startup phase then a standard software can be useful to keep costs down…

But when your business grows and gets bigger, a standard software becomes an obstacle.

You need a specific solution.

A custom software surely requires a significative investment, but it helps to save a lot of time and money in the long run…

Our working method

Project analysis

We listen to your needs and analyze the business case. 

We present you some possible solutions and choose together the best one. 

Feasibility of the idea

We will objectively tell you if the software development is really feasible. We take our time to make a proper analysis of your project. If it is not possible to proceed, we will look for alternative solutions to help you achieve your goal. 

Project management

Based on your budget and urgency, we provide you with the deadlines for each development step, so you will have a time line to follow until the completion of your comapany’s software. 

Software design

If the feasibility study is successful, we will start with the software development and present it to you. 

Software developement

Once approved, we proceed with the prototype development and the testing phases, eliminating bugs and system errors. 

Store-launch of the Software

Here it is! Your software is real, once available in stores it will be accessible by all users. 

And after the custom software development?

Ongoing support

If you have any questions, you can talk directly to the project manager.

Monitored Maintenance

Constant monitoring of the system status to ensure rapid troubleshooting.

Opening and Implementation

We are ready for new implementations, to optimize the project over time.

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