Recovery Plan RRP Consulting and Support

Recovery Plan: why miss the unique opportunity of these funds just because you do not have the time or the capacity to submit calls?

The Recovery Plan is a public intervention for the benefit of businesses, designed with the aim of boosting Europe’s productivity and the growth of the economy, to make it more digital, dynamic, sustainable and inclusive.

However, the chances of success of the Recovery Plan (RRP) depend largely on the ability of businesses and (and entrepreneurs) to present and translate projects into action.

The benefits can be many, but to take full advantage of them it is necessary to rely on a professional. It is unthinkable for an entrepreneur to know the PNRR calls for proposals inside out, or to expect him to spend a good deal of his precious time studying them, looking for the one that will best suit his business.

That is why we implemented this service at LHEVO.

Recovery Plan and European funds consultancy service

The LHEVO team is able to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a PNRR and European funds consultancy service. Our professionals are trained with the latest Masters of the 24ORE Business School:

and constantly updated on PNRR.

Thanks to many years of experience in the service of entrepreneurs, LHEVO is able to grasp and instantly understand the needs of the company, transform them and translate them into a project that can be included in a call for proposals, for guaranteed success in the granting of the desired funds.

We are able to interpret the needs of the entrepreneur and support him in the search for and choice of the most suitable call for proposals for his company.

How we manage and write a Recovery Plan compliant project

Our workflow is divided into 5 essential phases, like the LHEVO® Formula:

1. Assessment: first meeting with the entrepreneur, in which we gather the needs of the company

2. Drafting of the project to be presented

3. Research and drafting of the list of active or upcoming calls for proposals to be submitted

4. Finalization and presentation of the project

5. Final reporting

In this way we are able to cover and support the entrepreneur throughout the process of identifying the most suitable call for proposals, drafting the project and presenting it.

Find out how LHEVO can help you find the right Recovery Plan (RRP) funds for your business.