App development

Our IOS and Android app development team is ready to create your project!

You had a good idea and you are thinking about creating an app?

All right, you need to know that developing an app takes a lot of effort, dedication and concentration.

Even with the best idea in the world, you can’t improvise app developers.

LHEVO specializes in developing Industry 4.0-compliant apps and software.

Custom APP development for your idea

LHEVO provides you with a whole team, ready to show you how to make your IOS and Android app, but also… We will create the App for you! Your idea will become a real project.

What kind of App we develop

sviluppo app


These Apps are developed for a specific operating system, using the most suitable programming language for the latter. Currently, the two main mobile operating systems are iOs for Apple devices and Android for most of the other devices. A native app is a real program, which must be installed by purchasing it from an app store.

sviluppo app


Web apps are sort of a connection to an app: they are not physically installed on a device, but are made accessible through an internet browser (Chrome, Safari etc.).


Compared to native apps, they are faster and less expensive to develop. At the same time they offer more possibilities than a web app.

How do we develop an App?

Tell us your idea

We listen to your idea to understand what you your goals are in order to best address the project.

Feasibility of the idea

We will objectively tell you if the app development is really feasible, but don’t worry, we can help you make the appropriate changes. 

Project management

Depending on your budget and urgency we provide you with the deadlines for each development step, so you will have a time line to follow until the completion of your APP. 

APP developement

The APP development team comes into play. We start making your idea real, turning a graphic mockup into pure code with our advanced programming tools. 

APP testing

Total elimination of bugs or other errors. 

Store-launch of the APP

Here it is! Your APP is real, once available in stores it will be accessible by all users. 

And after the App development?

Ongoing support

If you have any questions, you can talk directly to the project manager.

Monitored Maintenance

Constant monitoring of the system status to ensure rapid troubleshooting.

Opening and Implementation

We are ready for new implementations, to optimize the project over time.

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